The Opposition Preview: Leeds United

Wolves face Leeds United on the opening day of the new Premier League season. We spoke with Thomas Bradley from I’d Radebe Leeds who gave us the low down on Leeds United.


How has pre-season gone for Leeds?

Results wise it’s been nothing to write home about it, but from a more generic perspective, it’s been good to see a new squad and identity-forming under Jesse Marsch. 

It’s difficult to know right now if what we’ve seen in pre-season will carry through to the season, but some of our new players look like they could fit right into the intensity of the Premier League. It’s been great to see Patrick Bamford back in action too. 


Are you happy with the transfer business that’s been conducted by your club?

It’s difficult to judge at the moment. Most of our signings are unknown entities in the British game. However, a lot of our new signings have come from teams were there has been a winning mentality. 

If the desire and expectation to win can be transferred to the club as a whole then we should be able to avoid having a season like we did last campaign. 


What is your opinion on your manager?

The jury is still kind of out on Jesse Marsch, though. Which isn’t really his own fault. He came in during a tough period, but now he has to impress with his own style.

The talk seems to be from players that he is a great motivator, so hopefully, that can only be a positive thing. 


What is your team’s typical formation and style of play?

Marsch likes to play a high-intensity pressing style of football. He has a rule where his side will have multiple players pressing one opposition player. Gaining possession back is high on his list of priorities. 

Interestingly, he also plays with quite a narrow system. You’ll see wingers in narrow positions off the ball, and he likes to play through the middle of the pitch. 


Which player do you tip to have a big season for your team?

Rasmus Kristensen has all the characteristics of a player that is loved at Elland Road. He appears to be a strong character with plenty of grit, but also the ability to get forward and score goals. He’s very much a modern-day full-back. I think he’ll be a real crowd pleaser. 


How do you think you will do this season? 

I’m perhaps answering this question with a touch of blind optimism as the season hasn’t kicked off yet. But I’ll stick my reputation on the line and say we’ll finish 10th. 

Now, 10th doesn’t sound glamorous, but after last season I will snap your hands off for it. 


What are your thoughts on Wolves?

There’s always a sense of intrigue surrounding Wolves – for me at least anyway. It became an exciting project quite quickly, and I’ll never forget how they stormed the Championship. 

They appear to be very organised under the current regime and I expect them to have a decent season again. 


Who from Wolves are you worried about facing?

I’m a big fan of Ruben Neves. He chips in with some incredible goals, and he’s a real classy operator on the ball. If you manage to keep hold of him before the transfer window closes then he’ll certainly be the player I will keep an eye on when Wolves visit Elland Road.

I quite like Conor Coady as a player too. He’s a great leader and someone you can rely on to go into battle with. 

If Wolves frustrate us like they did last season at Elland Road, then I think he’ll have played a big part in helping Wolves shut up shop. 


Score prediction

I’ll stick with my blind optimism and say it will finish Leeds United 2 Wolves 1. I expect a close game, but hopefully, we will be the side that edges it.