The Opposition Preview: AFC Bournemouth

Wolves face Bournemouth on Wednesday as Wolves still chase their first league win of the season. We spoke to Craig from Up The Cherries In All Departments who gave us the low down on Bournemouth.


How has the start of the season gone for you?

I didn’t expect us to beat Villa on the opening day because of our defence but we played really well. However, the wheels fell off against Arsenal. We were poor defensively and didn’t control the midfield which has been the problem for us. I have tried to phase the Liverpool game out of my memory.


Are you happy with the transfer business that’s been conducted by your club?

Two of our new signings are currently injured which doesn’t help but Neto is a good signing from Barcelona. I expect him to come in over Travers. Tavernier played really well against Villa but has since not performed well.


What is your opinion on your manager?

Last week I would have said he’s done a decent job but since that Liverpool defeat, I think my opinion is changing. We are starting to see the cracks appear that we saw last season. My concern is that the decision he’s making, especially around substitutions doesn’t make any sense at all. I don’t think he has the knowledge or the willpower to turn it around.


What is your team’s typical formation and style of play?

We’ve switched between playing a five at the back to also playing a 4-4-2. Last season we played with the back five but the wingbacks would actually get forward – however this year they aren’t. Our strength is in midfield but most things going through Lewis Cook. I think for our game, we will revert to the five at the back.


Which player do you tip to have a big season for your team?

Lewis Cook. He is an outstanding player but he’s also very injury prone. He’s the heartbeat of our team and I just pray he has an injury-free season.


How do you think you will do this season?

My heart says I think we could stay up and could probably finish 16th or 17th. My head says we will finish 19th. Everton will finish rock bottom below us.


What are your thoughts on Wolves?

We’ve played them a few times already in the Premier League and I think the side under Nuno was a better team but Wolves still have a lot of quality. I’d say that Wolves have a better team than Bournemouth on paper. I think you’ve been playing well but there are still frailties there but you can see the qualities, too.


Who from Wolves are you worried about playing against?

Ruben Neves. He would walk into most Premier League sides and I hope you keep hold of him.


Score prediction for our game?

I’d take a point but based on what I saw at Anfield on Saturday, I think it will be a Wolves victory.